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Ever thought about what search engines were like 10-20 years before? Surely you must’ve looked at a search engine and thought about its origins. Bing, for instance, was nothing like what it is today. Launched on the 3rd of June 2009, Bing was the final, perfected version of Microsoft’s previous search engine versions. Microsoft initially ran MSN Search which was followed by Windows Live search and Live Search from 1998 onwards.

Bing was unveiled at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego, California by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, in May 2009. At that time, the search engine was powered by Powerset. Microsoft had just bought the company a year before the launch of Bing. Later, in July 2009, Yahoo! Search was powered by Bing. The web search engine was developed using ASP.NET which is a software system that is specially developed for Microsoft. While rebranding, the name “Bing” came across as a word that meant “the moment of discovery and making a decision”. Strategists and the team who worked behind finding the name included the consultancy company Interbrand who agreed with the word “Bing”.

According to reports in 2018, Bing stands as the third largest search engine worldwide. Google and Baidu score the first and second spot respectively. Bing can search in a total of 40 different languages and gains most of its revenue from Bing Ads.

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How does Bing work?

Did you know? Microsoft does not see Bing as a search engine. Based on how it works, Bing is seen as a “Decision engine”. This is because, Microsoft sift out insignificant content from the searches you make and provides you with a much more refined search result. This in turn saves your times and helps you make a more precise decision. While it might sound philosophical, this process works really well.

Unlike other search engines, Bing was created with a fourfold target. Meaning, Bing has four major features; Health, local, shopping, and travel. When you use Bing, it starts with its homepage which has an interesting background. There will always be an amazing image or video in the background.

You will see a search bar in the middle of the page with other links to news, sports, local events, etc on the left side of the page. When you start typing something on the search bar, Bing will use its Autosuggest system to give you quick search results related to the words you have already typed.

Deep Links: Bing also uses a system known as Deep Links. Deep Links is a system that lets the user find out if the web link has consequential information without needing to go through the website. All you have to do is take your curses over the link and it will give you a brief snippet from inside the website. Reading that will help you know if the website is worth visiting or not.

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Instant Answers: The search engine also has an Instant Answers program that provides quick displays of the most relevant answer to your query. Things such as flight stats, game scores, climate, and weather are some of the many things you can find through Instant Answers.

Image Search: Bing has one of the best Image Search systems. Apart from providing results based on the words you type, Bing also provides more options when you view a certain image. The Bing Image Search system can now show you places to buy a product if the image you view is a product. Moreover, with a single image search on Bing you can look at Pinterest collections that have the same image, you can find the same picture in different sizes and resolutions as well. To add to that, Bing provides links to websites that have used the same image too!

Video Search: A lot of people find that Bing Video Search is better than what Google has to offer. Bing’s Video Search system is built to provide a grid view of the videos with larger thumbnails compared to Google. What’s more? It does not redirect you to video viewing apps. It opens the videos on the Bing search page which gives it a smoother transition and less waiting time. Bing Video Search now provides its users with a preview as well. If you hover your cursor over a thumbnail, you will be able to see a short preview of the video.

Features of Bing:


Bing Rewards: An interesting program launched in 2010, Bing Rewards is an intelligent strategy to ensure it gets a lot of users. People who use Bing earn credits whenever they search something on Bing. These credits or points can be redeemed for access to various Microsoft services and other utilities. Once you open the Bing search webpage, you need to sign into your Microsoft account and you will be able to earn credits with each search. With the launch of the Bing app, earning credits has become a lot easier.

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Bing Ads: Just like Google, Bing generates the majority of its revenue from Bing Ads. Bing uses the Microsoft Advertising system to provide business with advertisement spaces on web pages. Bing aims to make business visible to the general public on a global scale. For those who are already integrated into the Google Ads and Google Analytics system, Bing provides a smooth transition where you can get your work done, and get paid using both the platforms.

Bing Timeline: This feature is one of the best parts of using Bing to search for things. The Bing Timeline feature picks out all relevant and important information about famous personalities and achievers. The algorithm that Bing uses to generate the information lays out everything you need to know in the most clean, clear and precise way in the form of a timeline. All the information you will see will be in chronology.

Local Feature: While you can search for places and things available around you via Google search and Maps, Bing has an interesting approach towards the same thing. When you tap on the Near Me option, you will find a tiny blue dot that signifies “360”. Tap on the blue dot and Bing will open your phone camera and you will be able to see your location along with the distance and direction to shops and establishments based on which side you point your phone at!

These are just a few of the features that you will find if you use Bing. Finally, Bing does what it is supposed to do; search for things based on the words you have used in the search box. Bing does a fairly good job of searching and provides you with features that makes searching easier and less time-consuming.

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