Recent Changes Microsoft introduced in their Services Agreement

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There have been a few recent changes in Microsoft services Agreement and these changes are applicable to all consumer online services and products for Microsoft. These updates inMS services Agreement have been made for clarifying all the terms and ensuring that all these are transparent and also for covering new services, products and features by Microsoft.

All updates, for which you can find summarized details below, would be effective from 30th August 2019. If you’re making use of any of the services or products of Microsoft, you agree to all the recent changes made in terms ofservices Agreement of Microsoft.

What does Microsoft services Agreement mean?

ByMS services Agreement we simply mean the agreement between the user of Microsoft products and the Microsoft company (or any affiliated parties) governing the usage of consumer services and products by Microsoft. Here you’ll see the entire list of covered services and products.

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Services and other products that aren’t covered under the services agreement

The services terms put up by Microsoft are not applicable to various services and products, especially the ones that are specifically meant for business customers such as Office 365 suite for education, businesses or various government customers, Yammer, Skype meant for Businesses or Azure. To know more about commitments related to privacy, security, compliance and any other related information associated with Office 365 business utilities, you can simply visit the trust center of office 365 to get further clarifications.

Changes that are made to MS services Agreement

Here we are providing a brief summary of all recent and notable changes that occurred for Microsoft services Agreement.

Note – To know in detail about all the changes that took place inMS services Agreement, you can go throughServices Agreement page.

  1. The publication has been updated to 1st July 2019, in the header and it will be applicable till the date of 30th August 2019.
  2. For efficiently using the support section and the services, Microsoft updated their activity policy for reflecting that you need to be signed in to personal Microsoft Account till a minimum time of one time in the total duration of two years for keeping this active unless it is provided. Otherwise, you must be shown in activity policy at your Microsoft account at otherwise you must be signed in to an offer specified for paid promotion of all Microsoft services. Microsoft has also stated that if personal account gets closed, there would be temporary prevention for the creation of any other account that is related with the provided email address.

They further clarified it that if you’re signed in for Microsoft services through school or work email addresses, you must agree to the domain’s owner related to your provided email address would get notified about the presence of your personal Microsoft account with all its related subscriptions. For any other service notification, Microsoft clarified that they would keep sending all service related notifications to your mail that would be helpful further for verifying all your purchases.

  1. While making use of the Third-Party Services and Apps section, Microsoft also made it clear that through the use of all Microsoft services you simply are directing these apps to provide you Third-Party services and applications. Microsoft also ensures that you would need to accept all third-party privacy policies with their specified terms before using, requesting, acquiring or linking the Microsoft account you created with any third party services and applications.
  2. Microsoft consolidated Automatic Renewal and Recurring payments in the terms for the payment section within one subsection for Recurring Payments. Microsoft provides instructions with notice for canceling services for stopping any future charges. The cancellation of paid services just stops any further charges to have continuation in services. In the subsection of offers for Trial-Period, Microsoft states that if the user signs up for any trial-period offer, they would have to cancel trail service(s) before the provided timeline. This avoids users getting charged extra for the continuation of Service(s) after the trial period’s end.
  3. For any customers who reside outside of China and the United States, within the Law Choice, Contracting Entity and place for the section Resolve Disputes, Microsoft has updated contracting entity from Skype. If you’re using paid or cost-free Skype Services while residing in the Middle East, Europe or Africa, then you can assume to be in contract with Ireland Operations of Microsoft Ltd. For any other region, if you utilize paid or cost-free services from Skype, you are simply in contract for Skype Communications, Luxembourg.
  4. Certain references have refrained from Mixer accounts inside Xbox section Mixer portion. It has been clarified that following channels, chatting, streaming and various other interactions are required to sign in inside an account and in such case the Mixer services require users to use their current Microsoft account. It has also been clarified by Microsoft that Mixer provides users with ability to easily sign in through Mixer or any account from third-party (such as Discord or Twitter). If you’re using any of the accounts for signing in, your account has to be associated with Microsoft account.
  5. Microsoft isn’t responsible if there is a delay in the Cortana feature or if it prevents users from obtaining any service. Cortana suggests and helps users in interaction with Third-party services and applications. Users can easily discontinue from Cortana Service.
  6. Microsoft cast out references that are linked to the application HealthVault Insights with all linked services to HealthVault Insights.
  7. Microsoft removed any references linked to their Microsoft Edge and it also stated that reward points are available to share within Microsoft family. The number of total rewards or the points available per person or simply over a specified period may also be limited.
  8. A whole new section which is titled Azure has been added. Azure services are managed according to the terms specified under a separate agreement where you’re obtaining these services.
  9. For customers residing in the U.S., in Class Action Waiver and Binding Arbitration section, it has been clarified that in case any Binding Arbitration part and Class Waiver section remains unenforceable or illegal, the remainder remains in effect ( mainly with the issue of arbitration award before the commencement of the court proceeding). This is excluding that if there is a finding for unenforceability and partial illegality would help in representative or class-wide arbitration, the Class Waiver and Binding Arbitration section becomes unenforceable in entirety.
  10. Changes have been made for improvement in clarity while addressing typos, grammar, and other similar issues.
  11. In their notices section, Microsoft has provided a reference for Microsoft Brand Guidelines and Trademark.
  12. An additional example of harmful conduct has been added to the section of code of conduct.

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All these Microsoft Service Agreement changes have been in effect since 30th August 2019 and by accessing any Microsoft services and products users are agreeing to the terms of these services.

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