Seattle: A city that has plenty to offer

Seattle: A city that has plenty to offer

Big countries in the world with large population and different kinds of people, cultures, religions and ways according to specific territories and past always involve unequivocally differences between every one of them, being characterized by specific behavior, taste, way of thinking and beliefs.

For example, if we speak about Seattle as one great city in the United States, this is the region in America that enjoy coffee more than any other and even having Starbucks as birthplace; the famous coffee brand that has its headquarters in this city.

In the same way, Seattle is also known globally as the crib of grunge; a music movement developed in the decade of 1990 where almost entirely of the musician involved in this music genre where from this city, becoming most of them quite famous all over the world due to the impact it had on young people at that period.

Getting to know a little bit more about Seattle 

Seattle is the biggest city of the state of Washington as capital of the United States, specifically in the northwest. Such region is located between the Washington league and the bay known as Puget Sound, which is located next to the Pacific Ocean and actually connects with it in the specific county of King. This town has over one million people and the whole metropolitan area counts with more than four million individuals in population.

The weather in Seattle in winter goes from 0 degrees to -2 degrees at night, until 23 degrees in the summer. Although, Seattle is considered a rainy state when New York and Los Angeles have more millimeters of rain per year, so that is something to consider and it does not mean the place has bad weather or something similar.

When it comes to economy in Seattle, as it was mentioned before coffee has a great importance in matter of consumption of this product, even having Starbucks its principal offices in this state and being the most famous trademark of coffee in the world.

In the same order of ideas, electronic commerce also has a great importance in this city, which most outstanding trademarks of the world as Amazon and others house their headquarters and principal offices in this town, making a huge impact in economy and job offers in general respecting this niche.

Culture and art respecting a city as Seattle

In the aspect of culture, Seattle is known for being city of Rock music and the musical movement developed decade of 1990 called grunge, which was a move formed by bands with a careless look in the style and music, calling the attention of millions of young people in the world and the city of course, trying to find their own identity and maybe feeling as outcast or rejected.

Some of the famous bands of this movement were; Nirvana as the most outstanding with the vocalist Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam with Eddie Vedder, Soundgarden with the singer Chris Cornell who died in 2017, and Alice in Chains with Layne Staley who also died in 2002. All of these bands share a culture of outcasts and were the voice of a generation feeling lost and discomfort.

On another part, tourism is an important part of this city both economically and culturally, being a piece of the capital of the United States of America. However, the most prominent element of culture in Seattle is without a doubt the Space Needle, as a place that attracts many visitors from the US and around the world, due to the uniqueness of the building.

Specifically, the Space Needle is a tower located in the city of Seattle in Washington, being built in 1962 by Edward Carlson in the center of the city. The construction of the tower was inspired in the Tower of Stuttgart, in Germany.

In terms of building features, the structure is 185 meters tall and weights almost 6 tons, and in the top of the tower there is a spinning restaurant, where Seattle can be seen in 360 degrees and of course resulting the most valuable attraction respecting the Needle in terms of calling the attention of visitors, who want to be able to experience this amazing view of this city of Washington, almost 200 meters in the air.

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