Marketing places to eat with the platform

Marketing places to eat with the platform

When it comes to places to eat and restaurants in the United Sates, marketing is a very important aspect since in this way potential customers can know about the existence of different venues of choice, with their favorite food in general and also other things they can enjoy.

Without marketing, restaurants would have a hard time getting new clients since the venues would be difficult to know about, especially on the internet where actually every place has at least a social media profile and website related.

Fortunately, there is a platform online called Restaurants Near Me that is a website of the same name, providing marketing with great terms in the United States, which can help such businesses to get the most out of their delicious plates by receiving plenty of customers, who actually are going to be happy to visit.

All of this is done by taking advantage of searches performed by people online and the massive use of mobile devices, such as phones and tablets as we are going to be able to see in the next section where it will be explained how the Restaurants Near Me platform works.

What is the website?

In details, Restaurants Near Me is a marketing website for places to eat and drink in the United States, which taking advantages of searches online and the use of mobile devices can show such venues to potential clients in a results page, appearing the restaurants that are closer to such customers, their interest in food or taste and of course their location in the country.

Like this, it is easy to perform marketing on such restaurants and make them more known to people, which in other way would not be that recognized. In the same way, it is important to stand out that the marketing services the platform of offers is completely free, since venues are not charge in any way.

The only optional petition respecting the marketing service provided by the platform is to offer a maximum 20 percent off out of the client´s meal, since the developers of the platform are aware that restaurants and venues are businesses that need to stay profitable, so asking for a 40 and even 50 percent off is too much, as other online marketing websites for restaurants do.

Like this, restaurants registered in the platform that provide discounts the most will be shown first on the page results of the site, improving the marketing purpose and being seen by as many people as possible. This is a win-win marketing strategy where restaurants and clients can obtain advantages, discounts and the possibility to be known and visited by new customers.

How the Restaurants Near Me website works?

In details, the platform of works under the premise of SEO when users search for restaurants and venues to eat, being the keyword “restaurants near me” the most used by people in their region and through their mobile devices, when they want to find a good place to enjoy pizza, hamburgers, Italian or Chinese food, among others.


So, when such search is performed on Google the platform is the first one to appear on the search results, providing the tools to use the service of finding a new place to eat with the discounts advantages related.

When users enter their address or simply the ZIP code of the region they live in, the first results will be the one of those registered restaurants that have provided discounts to the clients and their meals.

In the same way, the platform of Restaurants Near Me also allows to the visitors to select restaurants according to their category or the type of meals they offer. From Japanese to Mexican food and others, practically every restaurant category is included in the website to find the best option properly.

Why the marketing service of the Restaurants Near Me platform is free?

The marketing service provided by is free due to two things; venues registered provide discaunts to clients that visited the webpage in first instance as payment, encorugent them to still search on the site, and secondly the platforms belongs to NearMeMoment LLC Group, which business is based on hotel bookings and customer transportation.


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