How to Access and Register Outlook? — Reveal the Detailed Steps near me

What Is Hotmail?

You must have already heard about Hotmail. Isn’t it? Needless to mention, it’s one of the most popular online email services. Hotmail is completely free to use. As of today, Hotmail has millions of active users. Do you want to know more about this free online email service provider? Well, if yes, then please keep checking the following sections. In this article, you will reveal a detailed overview of Hotmail. microsoft whelloworld

To give you a brief overview, Hotmail is basically a webmail service. You can use any web browser in order to access and use this webmail service. Please note that every user of Hotmail has a unique account that can be accessed with a valid username and password. If you have a good internet connection, a web browser, and a valid email id and password, then you can access your Hotmail account without any hassle. More details about the process on how to register and access Hotmail are described below in the following sections.

Also note, Hotmail webmail service is provided by Microsoft. Hotmail service was originally launched in the year of 1996 and it was the very first internet-based email service. This internet-based email service was founded by two talented individuals, such as Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. During that initial phase, this facility used to be termed as HoTMaiL. When the facility was first launched, it used to offer storage space with a limitation of only 250 MB. There were a few additional services as well, for example, virus scanning and spam filters. In the year of 1997, Microsoft acquired Hotmail email service. Microsoft eventually introduced a bundle of interesting and useful features with Hotmail e.g. calendar scheduling and options to save the contact list in an address book.

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Next, in the year of 2012, Microsoft revamped Hotmail service and renamed it as introduced plenty of additional features along with the free email service, such as mobile access, unlimited free storage, spam filtering, built-in search, and one-click connection to other Microsoft products like Skype, MSN, OneDrive, and Microsoft Store etc.

What Is Outlook?

This is also another email management software program that’s invented by Microsoft. This facility allows users to send and receive emails on their respective computers. Please note that there are two versions of outlook, such as Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. Although the primary facility of Outlook is to send and receive emails. Apart from that, this program can also be used to manage personal data. For example, whether you want to calendar appointments or you wish to create contacts, notes, and tasks, Microsoft Outlook can be used to fulfill your needs.


Just like Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook has also got a past and prolonged background. The facility was originally launched in the year if 1997. At that time, Microsoft Outlook was included in the suite of Microsoft Office 97. Since its inception, Microsoft has released a myriad of updated versions. Each of them was implemented to offer even more features, compared to its previous version. Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is a part of all MS Office application suites including Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2010, and Office 365. Kindly note that Microsoft Outlook is primarily a program or application that can be used to send and receive emails. On your desktop, laptop, or mobile, all you need to install this program and then you can configure it to send and receive emails instantly.

For example, if you already have a Hotmail account and you wish to send and receive via Outlook, then all you will need to follow some simple steps. That’s it! All details about these steps are provided below.

How to Access and Register Outlook?

All the steps are described below for your quick reference.

Step 1: To start with, you should download and install Microsoft Outlook. You can easily download it on your laptop or mobile device. Please make sure to visit the official website of Microsoft to download this email management program.

mail at abc@microsoft.com

Step 2: Launch the application once it’s installed. You will need to enter an email address to add it to your Outlook.

Step 3: If you already own a Hotmail email account, then you can type that email id. Next, you will be asked to enter the password that’s associated with that Hotmail email account. Next, click on OK.

Step 4: That’s it! The automatic setup of your Hotmail email account with Outlook is now registered and configured.

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If you are not willing for an automatic setup, then you can even opt for the manual setup where you will need to enter details for IMAP settings. On the IMAP account settings window, you can manually type the required details like Server name for the incoming mail, Port, Encryption method, Server name for the outgoing mail, Port, and Encryption method.

In this way, you can manually set up and register any email account with Outlook. As stated earlier, the entire process is extremely easy and hassle-free. All you are needed to meticulously follow the aforementioned steps in order to register your email account with Outlook. For any help, please mail at

With this, you have revealed the steps to install, register, and access Outlook with your Hotmail account. Now, in order to access your emails, please open the Outlook application (already installed in your smartphone or laptop) and navigate to your inbox. You will find all of your incoming mails in that folder. Likewise, you can even draft an email and send it too. Of course, it’s a more convenient and useful experience. You are no longer needed to open any web browser to access your email. What’s more, you do not need to enter your email id and password every time. All you are needed to open your Microsoft Outlook and you can access your email via it.

In case if you face any difficulty in accessing your Outlook account or you need any assistance from Microsoft team, then you can shoot a mail at for quicker and prompter resolution.

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