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From the name itself, Restaurants Near Me is a website that shows your restaurant to people who search for the keywords “restaurants near me” on Google.

Believe it or not, a lot people do this because they can’t make up their minds as to where they want to eat. In fact, they do it more than once since everyone eats three times a day.

The website has sub-categories as it would depend on what the customer is craving for. Thus, better make sure that your restaurant is in the right sub-category.

For example, if you have Chinese food then it shouldn’t be under the American restaurants category. The website does not want any compensation from your restaurant as all they ask for is to give the customers a 20% off of their bill when they find your restaurant through the website.

This is completely optional though so you don’t really have to do it. Like they say, first impressions last so it would be best to bring out the best in your restaurant including the service and food so they would come back.

The reason for the 20% off is because they don’t want your restaurant to lose out on the profits. If the discount is 40% or more, you are going to lose a lot of profit. That won’t be good news especially since you need to pay a lot of things for your restaurant to keep on running.

Yes, there are a lot of expenses associated with running a restaurant including employee salaries, electricity and the supplies. It would even depend on where you get your supplies from. If it is a well-renowned supplier, you are going to get the prices at a steep price.

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You’re going to be in a win-win situation when you choose to give a 20% discount to the people who found your restaurant through Restaurants Near Me. Not only will your website be more popular, you will also be placed at the top of search results when someone looks at the category that is related to your website.

There are a lot of restaurants on the website so you will be doing your restaurant a huge favor when you’re placed at the top of search engine results. Most of the people who access this are people who are new to the area.

They would not want to go far just to eat so they would want to know the options that are nearest to them. They would also prefer to dine in at the place to get a feel of the ambience and the service.

Besides, taking the food out and dining at the restaurant are two completely different experiences. If they are a group, you can expect them to be craving for different things.

One can be craving for pizza while another can be craving for a t-bone steak. It can mean different things so you never know which direction they will go to. Rest assured, when your restaurant is listed at the top of search results, there is a huge chance they will go there.

You can’t expect them to even reach the fourth or fifth page of search results. Besides, they should be hungry so they will probably go for the first or second option.

Restaurants Near Me gives you the option of when you want your 20% discount to happen. It can be during the times when there isn’t much walk-in customers.

Besides, it would be better to have customers instead of none at all. There will definitely be some hours when you won’t have much customers dine at your restaurant.

For example, you will definitely see a lot of people come to your restaurant during lunch and dinner time. However, you can expect there to be not much customers during the afternoon.

Even if there are no customers during this time, you will still be paying for your staff and electricity. Thus, it would be best to have them still be productive.

You must take advantage of the website’s promo so you can have more customers dining at your place. Besides, it won’t look good for your restaurant’s image if customers see that nobody is dining there even during off-peak hours.

On the other hand, they will think highly of your restaurant when they see that a lot of people are eating there. There is no doubt everyone will be busy satisfying all the customers who dine there.

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Perhaps, the best part about Restaurants Near me is putting your restaurant there won’t cost a single dime. They get profit by doing something completely different.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about needing to pay them something when you are benefiting from the website. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when you do business with the website.

They will even provide directions go to your restaurant. If the customer does not have a car, the website gives the option of calling for a cab to get there. Yes, Restaurants Near Me provides every way for customers to get to your restaurant.

The website even gives your restaurant a rating based on unbiased reviews. If your restaurant has a low rating, don’t feel sad. Consider it a motivation for your staff to step up with the service and food. Their efforts may not be enough to satisfy the clamoring public.

They also inform you whether or not you need to reserve a table. Some restaurants have a lot of reservations during most days so they won’t be able to accommodate you if you were unable to make a reservation. You may end up having to wait for several hours.

Good thing, it won’t take long to reserve a table as the restaurant’s contact number is also indicated there.

Best of all, the website gives your operating hours so customers will know whether or not your restaurant is open. Besides, there can be times when they are hungry even if it is just 3 in the morning.

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