How to fix errors on Microsoft Edge

How to fix errors on Microsoft Edge

When Windows 10 was released in 2015, one of the main things users where expecting with the new platform was the renewal of Internet Explorer as the web surfing software by Microsoft, which by that point in time was losing the little market share it once had.

So, the release of an innovative platform was imperative by the company to provide the users with proper software to browse the web, adjusting to more modern time, pages with many resources and technologies that simply Internet Explorer could not handle anymore.

Edge was this Internet Explorer renewal that Microsoft launched along with Windows 10 and built-in on the platform. This new modern browser came to be the modern tool to explorer the web at its latest, with improved aspects respecting security, responsiveness, speed, compatibility and more.

For example, Edge actually stands out in comparison to browsers like Chrome and Mozilla in battery consumption and optimization in general, since it was designed as a mobile app but with all the features x86 and x64-based software offer.

Of course this does not mean Edge is a perfect program and in fact some users have reported some known issues, which fortunately are quite easy to solve by following the steps shown in the Microsoft Support website.

Such issues to solve next are frequently related with the platform running but not responding or crashing, or even not opening whatsoever to be used. All of these problems are possible to be solved.

Describing frequent issues respecting Edge

Edge is the internet browser included on Microsoft´s new operating system Windows 10 released in 2015, which by this point already had had plenty of updates that actually improve performance, stability, security and general use of the platform.

However, since issues never stop being present some problems to run into is a very frequent thing in software, and Edge is not the exception despites the fact that it is an optimized program. For example, there are two issues users run into when they are using the platform.

First of all, the app does not open at the moment of clicking on it, or it is available for use in a few seconds and then it crashes.

Both issues can be solved by fowling the next easy steps, which are described in detailed on the Windows Support platform through this URL address:


  • Restarting the computer or device 


The first natural step to solve almost any problem is to restart the computer or device. This happens since in many cases data corrupt the access to resources and information saved on the hard drive to run the program, and a restart usually clean up all of this path ways, including the ones on Edge to run properly.

Restarting any computer using Windows 10 is very easy. The users just have to click on “Start”, then on “Power” and then on the “Restart” button. Immediately, the PC will reboot and then Edge can be reopen to check if the issue disappear.


  • Install the computer through Windows Update 


In some cases, Edge and other programs may present issues due to updates that have not been installed on the operating system that result critical, starting to run with some troubles. To solve this issue, users may access to Windows Update by “Start”, then on “Settings” and then on the main option “Update & Security” and finally on the button “Windows Update”.

If the computer is connected to the internet the OS will start to update and apply new software on the apps and Windows 10 in general, and this usually may solve the problem since software is reinstalled.


  • Repair or reset Edge as app 


It is possible to repair or reset Edge so it can start working properly once again. To do so, the users just have to click on the next button series: “Start” – “Settings” – “Apps”- “Edge”. In this way, users will be able to see the status of the app and utilize different buttons to solve problems with the program.

By clicking on the button “Advanced Options” on the Edge icon two new options will be available: “Reset” to restart the app from scratch and “Repair” as the command that will try to solve problems related. In both cases issues can be fixed, but personal data, bookmarks and autocomplete data will be deleted, along with other personal information.


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