How to Get Help for Windows 10

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Are you planning to upgrade the OS of your computer to Windows 10? Whether you have been using Windows 7 or Windows 8 until now, it might be a giant leap for you. A wide array of web users are opting for Windows 10 on an extensive scale and each one will need to learn new steps.

If you are not a technically sound person, you may require a bit of assistance to understand how this operating system is working exactly so that you can work on the system smoothly. As you seek a little guidance, you can resolve the simplest and the complicated issues in no time. Here are some steps to get help for Windows 10:

Tap on F1

F1 is recognized to be the Windows shortcut key which helps in the documentation process. In case the current program which you are using has help services of its own, you can open them by pressing F1. As soon as you press the key, you will be redirected to a specific page where you can avail the prerequisite information.

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Microsoft offers a general manual guide by which you can learn about the latest features which need to be updated. In case the program does not have its help services, pressing the key will be opening a Bing Search for you which offers certain options for help.


Cortana contributes to being one of the most popular features which are present in computers with Windows 10. It is regarded as a perfect option to get assistance for basic problems. You can also opt for it to schedule meetings or even search for any files, available on your system.

To get help with the aid of Cortana, you need to hit on the microphone icon and start by saying “Hey Cortana”. You will be capable of asking questions verbally by enabling the specific option. A wide array of answers for several FAQs is in-built in the knowledge base of the software.

Hence, it is possible to get help with your problems in no time through Cortana. Cortana is also known for its ability to handle useful keyboard shortcuts perfectly.

Using the Start Menu for finding Settings

If you are searching for an application or setting, you can start by using the search feature, present on the Start Menu. For instance, if you are looking forward to connecting to the Virtual Private Network, all you need to do is tap on the Windows Key, present on the keyboard after which you should be hitting on The Start button and type VPN. Next to that, a wide array of VPN options will pop up.

In-built troubleshooters

In case you are experiencing any sort of issue, the in-built troubleshooters of Windows 10 might be of great assistance. You can find them in the “Update and Security” section of the Settings. You can also go to the Start Menu and search for Troubleshoot and choose Troubleshoot Settings.

Depending on the system, you are using currently, Windows might ask you to run specific troubleshooters. You can also hit on a relevant troubleshooter after scrolling through the list. For instance, if you encounter any issues while printing, you need to click on the Printer troubleshooter. Once you click on the same, Windows 10 will find the possible causes of the problem and resolve the same in no time.

Chat with Support

Microsoft features a chat-based support system that offers help with any issues, you face while using Windows 10 operating system. If you want to get started, you need to go to the Search Bar for finding the Contact Support app. This application is generally in-built into the system. In case you have removed it accidentally, you can still find the same on the Windows Store.

As soon as the application is open, you require moving to the section which has the issue, you are facing. As soon as find it, you can choose to Chat Online with A Microsoft Answer Tech. Once the chat starts, you need to discuss the issues, you are facing, clearly and accurately. As you refer to this chat-based support system, you will be capable of resolving the issue in no time.

Ask for a Call Back

There is a wide assortment of Windows user who wants to solve the issue by speaking to someone in-person instead of opting for a chat-based system. Microsoft offers an opportunity to schedule a callback. As you opt for Arrange a Call-back option, you do not need to be in hold for an ample amount of time. Thus, you can find a solution to the problem; you are facing, without any issues.

To get help with Windows 10 following this step, you require opening the Contact Support App after which you need to find a specific topic that fits the problem, you are facing. Now, you will be provided with an option to request the call, once the support agent is available. However, you need to keep in mind that there might be a bit of fluctuation in the time, according to your location.

Hence, once you decide to go with the “Arrange a call” option, you need to specify a time that works for you perfectly. Mention your contact number, choose a date and you will be offered a list of appointments, available on the specific time and date.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the agent, you are going to speak with; will have the prerequisite training and knowledge for dealing with these problems. Again, if you are planning to schedule a callback, you need to have access to your computer. This will help you in making the customer care executive understand the problem and fixing it at the earliest.

Windows 10 happens to be the latest version of the Windows Operating System. You are going to enjoy a plethora of features as you upgrade your system to Windows 10. However, using certain features of it might be tricky at times and in such cases, you can go to get help for Windows 10. If you come across a situation where you need help, you can refer to the above-mentioned steps.

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