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How to use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots

Since the creation of Windows on its version where it was included for the first time the graphic interface, taking a screenshot has become one of the most important functions on the platform, since like this information that appeared on the screen was easily capture to be shown, sent on an email or some action similar.

Now, to perform the function of taking a screenshot on Windows was not the most practical or intuitive thing in the world at this point. For example, the regular procedure required to press the independent key of “IMP PNT”, and then open Paint as program on the computer and then looking for the option “Paste” to paste the screenshot.

If this did not seem to be the easiest function to perform respecting screenshots, it would be better not to get started on modify photo to best convenience, since Paint only included some basic editing features that were not intuitive in any way.

Well, Microsoft has come a long way when it comes to tools and new platforms, being Windows 10 the most recent operating system released by the company. Snipping Tools is one of such useful software that comes built-in with Windows 10.

What is the Snipping Tool built-in on Windows 10?

In details, the Snipping Tools available in Windows 10 is the software that allows to take screenshots of what appears on the screen, in the easiest way and in great quality. Therefore, there is no need to count on with third party software like it used to in other operating systems released by Microsoft.

Also, the platform not only allows to take screenshots of the best quality, but it provides editing tools that are very useful to have when such screenshots are going to be sent over email, social media or any other platform like messengers and websites.

The Snipping Tool counts on with different functions for the user, such as allowing to take a screenshot of the whole screen or a part of it, saving it on very high quality and detail and also allowing to take parts in form of windows snip, rectangular snip or in free form if that is what the user needs in first place.

Different functions to use on the Snipping Tool in Windows 10

There are different functions to carry out on the Snipping Tool that are very valuable and useful to use in Windows 10, as we will be showing today on the next steps to follow to open the app, carry out snips in different shapes and other options.

  • Opening the Snipping Tool app 

To begin using the app the first step is to open it, and to do so in Windows 10 there are two ways: the first one will be by using the search bar on the Start menu. The user just have to click on Start and write “Snipping Tool”, then pressing Enter on the keyboard and in this way the app will be up and running.

The second method is more traditional by simply searching for the app on the program list on the Start menu. When the app appears on the list the user just have to click on it and the Snipping Tool will be running on the machine to start taking advantage of it.

When the Snipping Tool is opened it appears as a tool box on the left side of the screen, and it also can be minimalized for best convenience.

  • Taking an actual snip 

To take a snip of the screen, the only thing the user have to do is clicking on the “Mode” option on the Snipping Tool and select the shape of the snip, being possible to select from a free snip to a rectangular or window one.

It is also possible to select the option “Full Screen Snip” to take a screenshot of all the elements appear on it.

  • Editing a snip

When the snip is taken, it can be edited by using the tools included in the Snipping Tool, such as the Pen and the Highlighter to draw and modify the way the original image looks, in order to highlight or show something in a more clear way. This is a particular great function to use with a touch-based screen on a laptop or desktop.

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