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YouTube is one of the biggest online video platforms. There are millions of videos on YouTube. Because of YouTube’s strict policy, a lot of videos get deleted every day and it can be annoying if your favorite videos get deleted by YouTube. If you have ever faced this situation, then you may know how it feels when a good YouTube video gets suspended or deleted for no reason. Back then, it was really difficult to get the deleted videos recovered, but now there are many ways by which you can watch deleted YouTube videos.



In this article, you will get to know about different ways that can help you to watch any deleted video from YouTube. If you are a content creator, then you need to know these techniques. So without wasting any time, let’s jump to the main thing:

1- Web Archives

This is one of the best ways to recover deleted videos from YouTube. There are many archive sites that can help you to watch deleted videos. If you don’t know what archive sites are, so in simple words, whenever a video or blog gets uploaded, archive sites stores the information on webpages. So if you have lost a video, then archive sites can save you losing the videos permanently. To recover or watch the deleted video, first, you will need to find a good and genuine archive website.

There are many websites but if you don’t know much about it, then one of the best archive websites is Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is considered as the top website to recover your deleted files. It has nearly 365 billion webpages and it can help you in accessing any website. This website will not only help you in recovering your video files but you can also recover other files too.

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So to use the Wayback Machine website, first, you will have to copy the video link that you want to watch or recover. You can get that from YouTube. After copying the link of the video, you have to go to the Wayback Machine website. On the website, you will see a search field, the same as the google search field.


Now the video link that you have copied, you have to paste that in the search field and press the search button. After clicking the search button, the next page will open and you will see a lot of browsing history. Now to get the video that you want, you have to use the calendar option and you need to figure out the date when the YouTube video was uploaded. When you will choose the date, you will get the list of all the videos that were uploaded on that date.

Now all you have to do is find the video that you want. It will take some time if the results are more, but you will find the videos that were deleted from YouTube. So this is one of the ways by which you can watch deleted YouTube videos.

Web Archive

2- Recovery Tools

If you have lost your YouTube video, then you can recover it with the data recovery tools. If you don’t know anything about recovery tools, then in simple words a recovery tool is computer software that helps in recovering any data from your computer system. A recovery tool scans the entire system and provides you the recovery file that you can extract or restore into the original file. You can recover any files with the help of a recovery tool.

There are many recovery tools on the internet and you can easily download it. If you cannot find a good recovery tool, then you can also use the Ace thinker Data Recovery Tool. This is one of the best recovery tools on the internet. A lot of people use this tool and it is also very popular. To use this tool, first, you have to download it from google but make sure that you are downloading it from a genuine source because a lot of bad websites also provide software and it may lead to your privacy evasion. You will be giving full authority to this software to scan your system, so it is better to download from a genuine source.

After downloading and doing all the basic installation. Open the software and you will see a simple interface and you have to click on videos. Now you have to choose the location, so choose to recycle bin because all the deleted stuff goes to the recycle bin. Now run the scan and after some time, you will get all the videos that were deleted and you can find the one that you need.

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3- Contact YouTube Help Support

If nothing is working to get the deleted videos back, then, at last, you can contact the YouTube support team for some help. This is also a good way to watch your deleted videos. All you have to do is go to your YouTube channel and you will find a help option there, just click on the help option and now in the bottom, you will see another option as need more help’.

Click on that and go to the creator’s help and you will get an email support option and after that YouTube will give you all the instructions and you will be able to contact the support team. Tell them about the deleted videos and they will help you to get the videos back.


When it comes to entertainment, then YouTube is one of the most popular platforms. It allows everyone to upload their videos and show their creativity and talent to the world but sometimes YouTube can be a bit messy and can delete your videos that you’ve made with hard work. So it is always better to have a backup of all the important videos but in case if you don’t have a backup of your videos and YouTube deletes it, then you can use these methods to recover your videos. These are some of the best methods that a lot of people use to watch the deleted videos. So hope this article will help you to deal with any problems related to YouTube deleted videos.

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