Camera Doesn’t Work in Windows 10

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Webcam camera not working after a Windows 10 update is due to either a driver conflict or faulty drivers. Your antivirus program can also be blocking the camera, or the camera is not allowed to access some apps in the privacy settings.

Before trying any of the above possible solutions, restart your system. Sometimes the camera app does not function well when your computer resumes from sleep. Restarting Windows and then reopening the camera app might help.

If the camera app is not yet working after a system restart, here are some of the changes you should make to get your web camera working again. Fo better results, try them in order starting with the first one to the last one.

Give your apps permissions

After updating your Windows 10, you need to give web camera permissions. Some apps won’t access the camera by default until you permit them.

To give your apps access to the camera, click the Windows button on your keyboard, select Settings, click on Privacy, and then Camera. Turn on the Allow the apps to access the camera to allow all your apps to access the camera.

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If you don’t want some of your apps accessing the web camera, scroll to the Choose apps to access your camera setting. Grant permission to all the apps you want to access the camera one by one.

Check your antivirus program

Your installed antivirus software might be blocking access to your web camera. Webcam blocking by antivirus software is to prevent spying. To unblock or give app permissions to access your webcam, disable webcam protection from your antivirus software settings dashboard. For more information about how to disable webcam protection, visit your antivirus program company website.

Check for the outdated webcam driver

An outdated webcam driver may be the reason why your webcam isn’t working. After an update, the drivers may be incompatible. To solve this problem, you have to update the webcam drivers using Windows Update.

You can also update the camera drivers through the device manager control panel. To open device manager, press WIN+X+M, or press the Windows button, type device manager, and then select device manager. The webcam driver is under Imaging devices. Right-click on webcam and choose update driver.

Windows will automatically use the Update system to search for the latest driver on the internet if you click the Search automatically option. You can select an already downloaded driver manually by clicking on the Browse my computer option.

Rollback your webcam driver

If you have updated the webcam driver, but the camera is not yet working, it might be because the driver is not compatible with Windows 10. In this case, the only solution is to download an older version of the driver or use the rollback option.

On the device manager window, open Webcam properties and then switch to Driver Tab. Select and click Rollback driver and then select Yes. If the rollback option is not available, go to number 5. After the rollback process has finished, restart the computer, and then open the camera app.

Remove and add webcam again

Go to Device manager > Webcam > Properties and then switch to the Driver tab. Uninstall the driver software by selecting Uninstall and then OK.

Scan for hardware changes by selecting the Action menu from the Device Manager window and then select Scan for hardware changes. Give your computer time to scan and install up to date drivers. Restart your computer and then open the Camera app.

If you are using a Lenovo PC or laptop, reinstalling the EasyCamera driver might help. Contact the webcam or camera’s company if it still does not work.

Test ports and then run a scan

If the camera is not in the device manager list, connect the camera using a different port. If the camera is still not working, go to device manager > Action menu and then select Scan for hardware changes. After scanning, reinstall the updated drivers and then restart your computer. After restarting your computer open the camera app to see whether it is working. If the camera still does not work, contact the webcam’s company via its website.

Reset your computer

If the camera has not worked after all the above attempts, resetting your computer might help. When performing the computer reset, use the Keep my files option. The keep my files option allows you to perform a system reset without losing personal files on the computer.

Only when you have a backup should you use the erase all option.

Steps to reset Windows 10 to default settings

  1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard and then select the Settings ‘gear icon’.
  2. On the Settings window, select Update and Security.
  3. On the Update and Security window, select Recovery.
  4. Windows 10 presents you with three options: Go to the previous build, Reset this PC, and Advanced startup. Reset this PC is the best in this case.
  5. After selecting Reset this PC, click Get started. Reset this PC, lets you choose whether you want to keep the personal data in the computer or not.
  6. Select Keep my files if you are not willing to lose your data, and Erase everything if you have a backup or you’re ready to lose your data. Both Keep my files and Erase everything returns the Windows settings to default and uninstalls all apps.

Remove everything takes longer to finish compared to Keep my files option. Data erased using this method can’t be retrieved. If you’re in a hurry, select the Keep my files option.

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If the camera is still not working even after resetting Windows 10 to default, the camera might be having a mechanical problem. If it is a webcam, don’t unscrew your machine before checking its warranty terms.

If a warrant has not yet expired, contact your provider for more advise. If it is expired, look for a professional computer expert to help you fix the issue. Don’t give your PC to anyone. Someone might take this advantage to steal and use your data without your knowledge.

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