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Microsoft privacy statement provides the end-user with the information regarding their data processing the way it is being processed and the purpose of data processing.

The privacy policy covers the need for various services since Microsoft company provides a wide range of products including operating systems, Microsoft devices, among other Microsoft services such as website applications.Well,this article will help you understand data processing and privay policy covers that governs the Microsoft service provider and its users .Read on and find out.

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Personal Data Collection

Microsoft can collect data from its users through interaction between the uses and the devices. Microsoft devices are built with software that regularly captures information directly or indirectly. Microsoft systems obtain data from the users through the choices that they make, there are privacy settings and features they use among other third party information.

most of the Microsoft products cannot be installed or cannot be used without providing the required data a piece of information from the user. Microsoft provides genuine products and they ensure that users with constant support by giving them information on any new product introduced in the market, upgrade or any other relevant support. if you do not accept to provide your data, the system will not allow you to use Microsoft products.

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Why Give Us Your Personal Data.

The Microsoft company uses data to provide the end-user with an interactive experience, particularly when there are development and improvement of the products, to provide personalized products and make recomendations, and also to provide system updates, troubleshooting as well as sharing data when required. The data retrieval comprises an automated method of processing (AI) and manual methods as a way of verification to bring out accuracy in the final data.

Why Do We Share Personal Data?

we share data following the consent from the user so that we can provide them with requested products, complete the transactions and to authorized the service delivery. Microsoft also shares the data with our vendors who work on our behalf, so that I can ensure the security of our products, protect our customer’s legal rights.

How To Access and Control Our Data.

as the end-user, you can control the use of your collected data by contacting the customer care or by using the provided tools on the site. the user data control is also Limited by the company according to the law, but you can access and control your data depending on the kind of service you want.

You can access especially when you want to be contacted through email messages Postal orders or telephone calls among other official inquiries. Not all personal data can be accessed by the end-user, some are not available in the tools mentioned above, but what you need to do is to conduct Microsoft by using the address given or visit the website.

Cookies and Similar Technology.

Cookies are a group of small text files found in your data storage device, it is used to store the data that can be easily recalled by the server domain. Cookies are very important since it provides the user with preferences settings, enabling them to sign in, analyzing product performance, compacting Road and providing identifiers to advertisement ID. cookies also can be used to request or restrict the users from accessing certain sites and also it the restriction retrieval can be done by clearing cookies.

Organizational Accounts and Products

if you happen to use the organizational Microsoft account, you are subjected to all rights, settings, and preferences of the organization, and so you suffered as an affiliate. The organization is the administrator of the account and can make any changes including privacy policy control and account settings.

upon the retirement or resign from the organization you can lose all the settings of your affiliate account since you are no longer the member of an organization and you’ll no longer receive any communications or any product information from Microsoft from the company. Microsoft is not responsible for information belonging to any customer who is not the owner of the account or organization.

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Microsoft Account.

Microsoft account is a gateway to which customers access to Microsoft products.

signing into Microsoft account requires you to feed in your credentials, name, contacts, payment data and other information about any activity you are involved in, together with your device information. signing into Microsoft account enables you to enjoy Microsoft product experience, cloud storage permits, and other features. There are three types of Microsoft accounts namely; personal account, school or work account, and that party account.

Microsoft privacy principles.

Microsoft provides its users with the freedom to decide on how their collected data serves them by ensuring they get the relevant information needed for them to make the right choices among the wide range of Microsoft products. The following are Microsoft privacy principles.

Transparency: Microsoft is very certain safeguarding the end-user information and by being transparent about collected data to ensure that proper decision that can favor the user is arrived at.

Control: Microsoft has put in place applications that ease the customer’s privacy control and allows them to make proper choices easily.

Strong legal protection: Microsoft protects the rights of its customers through safeguarding and respecting local privacy law as a human right fundamental.

Security: Microsoft end users are assured of their data protection since the company as put in place reliable security measures by using strong security and encryptions.

Benefits to the user: Microsoft collects data from users then uses it to set measures that benefit users.

However, the Microsoft principles are the basis of the Microsoft privacy policy approach and it will always be the company’s way of offering better customer service. For more information on Microsoft services and products, check the Microsoft website or conduct the customer care through the email or check out on Microsoft trust center and also you should check on Microsoft cloud for data protection.

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Microsoft is a company to rely on when it comes to your privacy.The privacy statement that i have outlined in this article is to help you understand that your operation within Microsoft is safeguarded with a legal jurisdiction .Therefore the reputation that Microsoft has earned over their years of service is attributed to paying close attention to their privacy statements that guarantees users of quality services.

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