About Microsoft’s website

About Microsoft´s website

Microsoft is definitely the most important software company in the world by offering platforms and solutions that are of the most used on their segment worldwide with no doubt. From Windows as operating system to Office as productivity suites and more, these is software that at least in 9 out of 10 computers, laptops, mobile devices and even wearable have installed.

Of course, this is not the only products Microsoft as company has, although Windows is for what it is known and relevant on the technology segment in general, with versions like Windows 10 that at present time is shipped and installed on millions of devices, thanks to its amazing compatibility in software, programs and games, along with features like stability and speed.

With such great influence in the field of technology and software in general, it does not come quite surprising that the company has a great platform online, where products and solutions provided are highlighted, both the free and home focused ones and their business paid counterparts.

Let´s take a walk in order to get to know everything about Microsoft´s website, giving a clear view of what the company is about and all the products and solutions offered by it, in different niches and industries.

Getting to know more about Microsoft through its website 

In details, Microsoft´s website is everything you would expect; a platform where the company shows all of its products, services and solutions in just one place, along with other useful information and sections that include support, official store to buy the latest computers and programs, including contact information as well.

Now, in more details the actual website includes a home screen where every product and its latest version is shown. For example, on this screen Office 365 is the one displayed with the dedicated button to buy the software, as one of the main platform Microsoft offers worldwide with no doubt. This very same article is being written using such productivity suite.

Scrolling a little bit more on the home screen will show other products from the company and the way to obtain them, such as Skype, Outlook, Sway and OneNote, all of them including their mobile versions available for Android and iOS platform.

The second or most at the bottom section of the Microsoft´s website include solutions for the business environment, with platforms as Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 for Business, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Of course, due to the diversity of the software developed by Microsoft and all the solutions the company offers, there are other benefits involved present on the website that has to do with entertainment and hardware, along with the software and platforms mentioned before.

For example, XBOX has its own section where consoles and games are sold and shown in catalogues, with bundles and other advantages for customers at low costs. Along with consoles, there are also available sections with hardware related with PCs and computers, being great case the Microsoft line of Surface with convertible laptops.

Other possibilities and advantages respecting Microsoft´s website

Microsoft is quite a large company, and however on its website developers managed to include every field of products and software, along with hardware and others on it. Clear cases are the developer options that can be address from the website and obtain more information.

.Net, Windows Server and Visual Studio are developer options offered by Microsoft, which allow to create developer kits and build software for Windows platforms and other operating systems, with easy tools to manage and all the related support to accomplish such goal.

On another part, Microsoft´s website is a comprehensive platforms that also involves other advantages, such as the provide updates and downloads for different products and support, as well as documentation related with terms that allow the use of the different solutions that are provided by the company. Security documents can be downloaded as well.

And lastly, the website includes information about educational programs sponsored by Microsoft at many levels, with the commitment to help students to have a more successful academic development through technologies and software that is available thanks to the company. All the information can be found on the Microsoft´s website very easily through the URL address https://microsoft.com.

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