Camera Doesn’t work in Windows 10

Camera Doesn´t work in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most recent operating system released by Microsoft, having now a few updates since its launch in 2015 that improve functions in general, along with reliability, optimization, speed, compatibility, stability and more. However, since the release of the platform respecting its first version there are apps that have been available, such as the built-in camera app.

With the camera app built-in from scratch in Windows 10 is possible to use different cameras and similar devices, almost seamlessly and without the need to use other third party software to perform video chat, calls and more.

The camera app can be found easily on the Start menu and from the platform other functions can be carried out, such as taking photos, recording videos and more directly from the built in software.

Now, for several reasons in some cases the camera doesn´t work in Windows 10, and when this happens a troubleshooting process must be carried out in order to find the problem, and later on start acting from it to solve the issue. Fortunately, through the Windows Support platform online this issue can be solved with guidance and following easy steps.

What to do when camera does not work in Windows 10

In order to know what to do when the camera does want to work in Windows 10, it would be valuable to explain the nature of the issue and describe how it is shown. To begin with, the problem appears when the user clicks on the camera app on the Start menu, and it simply does not run.

In the same way, in other cases the app actually runs after users click on the icon related, but the camera simply does not show any type of image, appearing a black screen. Depending on how the issue is presented the cause may differ, actually giving an idea on what is going that does not let the app and camera work properly.

Now that the problem has being described more deeply, we can begin to show the different steps to follow to solve the issue, addressing different aspects on the device that may be related with the problem, which can be from antivirus software to simply register issue, drivers and others.

Different steps to follow and solve the camera issue in Windows 10

When camera is not working in Windows 10, there are different steps that must be followed in relation to a varied set of aspects on the platform. In order to start the troubleshooting process more easily, the aspects to address that probably will solve the problem are:

  • Driver issue 

Drivers are the specialized software that allows the cam to work and be recognized by the operating system properly. So, if this software and driver is not installed or present on the computer, the camera will not simply work.

Unfortunately, drivers may be deleted thanks to Windows updates or manually, and therefore these must be downloaded and installed again for the camera to work. Such drivers can be found easily on the official web page of the manufacturer of the device.

In some cases, drivers are installed and present but for some reasons are not detected. To fix this, the process to follow is to restart the computer and update the operating system. In many cases, this is enough for the camera to start working properly once again.

  • Antivirus issue 

In some cases, the camera cannot work properly not because a driver or hardware issue, but because of a configuration present on the antivirus that does not allow the camera to be executed, due to privacy settings.

So, to avoid this the user must enter manually to the antivirus configuration and disable the privacy setting that does not allow the app to work properly. Disabling the antivirus completely should do the trick as well, but it is safer to count with an active anti-malware software at all times on the computer.

  • Windows privacy settings 

Similar to the issue caused by the antivirus that does not allow the cam app to work properly, in some cases the Windows privacy settings cause the same problem, rejecting the access to the camera in order to protect privacy of the user. With this setting enabled will be impossible for the app to function and access the camera.

So, such configuration must be enabled and let the hardware to be access by the app to function properly. Such change can be done manually by entering to the Privacy settings.

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