About Hello World and its loyalty programs based on marketing

About Hello World and its loyalty programs based on marketing

At present time and more than ever companies are aware of the importance marketing has for their businesses and all the advantages related, along with all the strategies and procedures they can perform to call the attention of potential clients, sell them products, services and solutions but being the hardest challenge to keep them coming as the ultimate gold.

For this to happen, loyalty and brand trust must be sort of developed in the costumers so they can still coming and buy products, even though there may be cheaper options out there.

This can be done through a campaign that can be carry out by a specialist like Hello World, as a marketing campaign that is aware of the importance of commitment and loyalty as developable aspects on the clients.

In a very important way, tactics and processes applied respecting loyalty and brand trust campaigns by Hello World have an internet-based and also real-life aspects, with promotions, awards and other resources involved to achieve the ultimate goal of having the customers keeping coming, although this is very general way to put. In the next section will be explained better.

Speaking a little bit more about Hello World

Hello World is a company created in 1999, whose owners and initial developers had the foresight of knowing about the importance of online marketing, loyalty and brand name would have in the future thanks to the internet, as three main aspects that can be gathered into one through different campaigns, resources and tactics.

In this way, Hello World would help companies, businesses and enterprises of any size to make their customers keeping coming, with promotions and marketing strategies that would improve loyalty and brand name, involving actual rewarding and fun in the process and taking advantage of plenty of resources and well-designed campaigns.

Almost 20 years of existence after its creation Hello World became part of the Merkle family, obtaining a lot more prestige and reach in comparison to the previous years. Although, in all that time the company made a name of itself, with high profile clients and brands like Coca-Cola, PayPal, Samsung, Gap, Discover, Nestle and many more enterprises that give their trust to Hello World in the brand trust, loyalty and promotion strategies.

What is it that Hello World do?

Hello World is a company that from its very core creates experiences. In fact, promotions, strategies and campaigns are all about this elements, since through the experience companies may provide through Hello World they can become the business´ greatest asset; a costumer who returns and recommend the name of the company where he or she buys products and services.

Now, such loyalty must be earned in first place by the company, in order to obtain benefits like increase in sales and more income, and this is where Hello World comes to the table with specifically designed strategies and campaigns for that, with the psychological elements to pursuit emotional bounding and customized experience that make companies to earn brand trust and allegiance.

Solutions and services provided by Hello World

Hello World specializes as a company in the design of marketing strategies to build brand trust and loyalty, involving complex elements as we are going to be able to see next in a general way, at least for the solutions part:

  • Promotions: Hello World applies promotion strategies to reward the customers, with actual prices through digital contests of different sorts, involving social networks and other online platforms. Examples are chance to win games, collect and win, hashtags, text-to-win and more.
  • Engagement hubs: engagement activities reinforce the experience of the customer in relation to the brand, with long and short-term strategies. Clear cases of this are trivia games, quizzes, validation programs and more.
  • Loyalty programs: these programs are designed to convince the customers that could not be better elsewhere. Surprise and delight, advocacy programs, promotion overlays and traditional point-based programs are great examples.

On another part, respecting services Hello World offers a quite extensive array of possibilities in order to help companies to achieve their goal on getting the most loyalty out of their customers, making sure they stay in short and long term.

Available services provided by Hello World involve strategic consulting for promotions and communication plans, analytics and insights in terms of measurement resources, learning maps and more to actually know the campaigns results, user experience concepts and legal assistance respecting strategy application.


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