1 Microsoft Way: The headquarters of the company

1 Microsoft Way: The headquarters of the company


1 Microsoft Way is the primary location from which is known the area of the primary base camp or headquarters of Microsoft, being placed explicitly in the city of Redmond in Washington, the capital of the United States and from where the company is respecting the beginnings.

This base camp in Seattle is known as the Microsoft grounds sort of speak, in any event among the people of the district. The organization set up its primary office in this spot since it became open almost four decades ago, with a lot of development that have been completed since the organization is situated at 1 Microsoft Way address.

Truth be told, up to three extensions have been applied to this spot and making it one of the greatest grounds and business-related workplaces on the planet, outperforming half million square feet and involving thousands of representatives.

This reality makes of this campus one of the most significant on the planet and growing it increasingly more throughout the years. Similarly, the 1 Microsoft Way as formal location from this innovative headquarter is not just a business office, since it is more than that with no doubt.

For instance, it is conceivable to discover stores that are accessible for the general population, sports fields and the sky is the limit from there, being an extensive area that is available to use for residents alongside their business work.

1 Microsoft Way: History as main Microsoft´s headquarters address

When Microsoft turned into an organization big enough to have its very own and free base camp, the spot of choice for their area was the district of Bellevue, located quite close to the city of Redmond in Seattle, Washington.

Later on, Microsoft as company decided to move its primary workplaces from Bellevue to Redmond, selecting almost a 30-acre land that would be the beginning of the new proper offices for the organization to work and run properly.

After six years in 1992 the 1 Microsoft Way base camp would encountered its first development or renewal, investing millions of dollars and involving a land 10 times larger than the original, with the purpose of development and benefit of the organization along with the logical expansion in workers, which effectively went from less than 500 to three times that number.

Continuous development at 1 Microsoft Way company’s headquarters

Microsoft would begin its second development to the 1 Microsoft Way main offices in Redmond, by making business with Safeco’s base camp and buying it for a considerable amount of money, since this company was moving to another place in Washington.

By the by, this extension would not end there and Microsoft would invest at least a sum close to a billion dollars to expand its campus. This development included a general expansion of up to four times respecting previous size, along with space to house more than 10.000 direct and indirect employees.


Continuing, in 2015 began the third and greatest development respecting expansion to date of the 1 Microsoft Way general campus and offices, which at the moment of finishing the main structure surpassed the 400.000 square feet in size, being of the biggest business and enterprises offices in the world.

These restorations and developments included new business zones, yet additionally the making of eateries, sports fields, instruction and educational venues, stores, shopping centers, neighborhoods and more, giving plenty of value for close residents of the area and also for workers and executives.

What to find near the 1 Microsoft Way address

1 Microsoft Way houses the main headquarters from one, if not the biggest software company in the world, and this means that it actually has a lot to offer in terms of places near, since it also works as a place of interest for visitors.

Shopping options for example are in places like Costco, and with respect to general stores close by 1 Microsoft Way address there are alternatives like Whole Foods Market, along with other famous fast food chains and supermarkets. Starbucks is also present.

As it was said before, the Microsoft´s address acts as a place of interest for visitors and tourists that come to Redmond and Washington in general, so there are options respecting hotels very close to the headquarters.

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