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1 Microsoft Way is the area and the proximity of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is spread over an area of 500 acres and the company built the street jointly with the city of Redmond. The area where the campus of Microsoft situated is a city is located in a hybrid of public and private areas.

The headquarters of Microsoft is located in Redmond, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. Microsoft first moved here on 26 February 1986, a few weeks before the company became a public company in March 1986. The headquarters of the company has undergone multiple expansions ever since its inception. Here are a few features that make 1 Microsoft Way unique.

1 Microsoft Way is versatile

The Redmond campus of Microsoft is not just a business place. There are many great things that you can enjoy. A few places are exclusively meant for visitors. You can find restaurants, shopping centers, and recreational centers. When you visit Redmond remember to include 1 Microsoft on your trip for sure.

The visitor center

Don’t miss to visit the visitor center at Microsoft. It’s a place where you can gain knowledge about Microsoft. It works like a museum where you can know everything about the company.

You can know the latest developments made by Microsoft. The company keeps on working consistently to make their products much better for the benefit of its customers.

These include the latest edition of Xbox game sand console and more complex endeavors like Project Premonition, Project Natick (a sort of data center technology).

Redmond, WA is a city a bit little known in the news. You will never feel bored when you stroll in this small town. You will find splendid parks, comfy hotels, tasty restaurants. Everyone coming to 1 Microsoft Way should come to Redmond and not miss it.

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1Micorsoft is green tech area

1 Microsoft Way is ensconced in a lush green environment. You will find several green spaces on the campus. Microsoft is under the regulations of the local body. This compels the company to take care of the greenery. Further, Microsoft’s own business policy makes the place more unified with nature as closely as possible.

The following are the places you should visit when you’re in 1Micorsoftway, Redmond, WA.

Visit the splendid parks

You can spot the parks in Redmond in every locality. If you’re a nature lover, you will like the parks. The parks are great if you have plants to shoot photos with your family and loved ones. You can also consider visiting the mansion in Marymoor Park. It’s used to host events.

Edge Skate Park

It is situated in NE 83 Street and 161st Avenue NE. Edge Skate Park has all the rails and ramps that will like to drip into The graffiti wall on the wall sponsored by the City of Redmond. Edge Skate Park is close to a Metro Bus Par for connecting the nearest suburb.

Marymoor Park

If you wish to go out for a walk, or interesting baseball, soccer or cricket, Marymoor Park is the best option. You can also take the chance to fly a radio-control airplane. You could also consider climbing a 35-foot freestanding structure.

You may visit the park for picking on the lawn. You can go for watching birds Lake Sammamish. Spread over 640 acres, it hosts culturally enriching events.

Evans Creek Preserve

Spread over an area of 179 acres in the natural area contributed to the Sammamish, Washington, the preserve comprises part of Evans Creek and other water bodies, meadows and wetland, and steep terrain. The preserve is known for wildlife species including black bears, hawks, beavers, deer, and songbirds.

Cold Creek Natural Area

Cold Creek Natural Area and Bassett Pond Natural Area constitute 250 parts of the land of vital importance for life for fowls and other wildlife species. The natural areas have broad wetland systems, springs, and salmon-bearing streams.

Cottage Lake/Daniels Creek and Chilly Creek are the tributaries to Big Bear Creek and river Sammamish. The zone contains broad wetland frameworks. It is reputed to be the best quality salmon-bearing streams in the Big Bear creek waste bowl.

Grass Lawn Park

Grass Lawn Park is situated at 7031 148 Avenue NE. With all the amenities for holidaying like parking, picnic shelter, picnic furniture, restroom, it is a perfect place for enjoying the weekend with family. Children will find it delightful thanks to the separate area for them.

Woodinville wine country

Woodinville wine country is the site of more than 100 wineries and there are more 90+ rated vintages as compared to any other wine region globally. Ensure you have a Woodinville Wine Pass. This will be the digital ticket lets you go in and enables to get discounts across the wine country.

Delicious restaurants

If you’re a foodie, you should never miss Redmond restaurants. If you’re not a foodie and dine in these restaurants, you’ll become one for sure. There are numerous restaurants from small woes to large family restaurants. Relish deep-fried bacon, burgers, regular toping, fried egg, and more. If you like veggies, you can choose lentil soup and fine drinks at Puerto Rican.

Visit the unique shops

Redmond has shops where you can get unique things that you seldom get elsewhere. Except for the small shopping malls, there is more Bellevue shopping scene. If you don’t wish to drive or hire a vehicle to reach Bellevue, you can take a sojourn in Redmond thanks to its eclectic characteristic. If you’re a book lover, you can to shops that sell old books at half the original price. The store has two floors and the clearance section is on the second floor.

Overlake Fashion Plaza

It is a gigantic shopping mall that sells a broad range of clothing sold by retailers and has casual food plaza.

Comfy hotels

Hotels in Redmond are spacious and the service personnel are fine and willing to help in resolving a site for visit or any issue in the room. The rooms are modern, stylish with all hygiene.


When you come to 1 Microsoft Way as part of your itinerary, you’ll come across an area that is well developed in terms of acceptance of technology, taking care of all other non-business aspects such as ecology, social service.

Further, the places around Redmond, WA where 1Micorsoft Way is located are the best. All the places including parks, wetlands, shopping malls, hotels are worth visiting thanks to their uniqueness. Include it in your forthcoming itinerary.

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